By Scott Wu, UX Designer at KaiOS

UI elements should function as UX components, providing an intuitive journey that helps users predict what will happen after they click a specific button. They should help users intuitively navigate and successfully interact with apps without getting confused.

We introduced the first version…

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By Tina Chen, UX Designer at KaiOS

nce upon a time, one had to go to the library to collect information to finish that report assigned in history class. You could not open YouTube and find dozens of instructional videos on how to fix your broken dryer. …

By Morrie Chien, UX Designer at KaiOS

As the previous article mentioned, when we redesign smartphone apps, the goal is to transfer the touchable elements to physical keys, while maintaining an exceptional user experience. In this article, we’ll share a few more interesting design insights.

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As the left image below…

By Fay Wu, UX Designer at KaiOS

It’s often said that user engagement is highly correlated with the success of an app. The more time users spend interacting with an app, the higher the chances of building customer loyalty and brand exposure as well as driving monetization.

KaiOS apps can…

By Johnny Jao, UX Designer at KaiOS

Browsing the internet on a smartphone is easy with gesture control — think finger swiping to scroll and pinching to zoom in or out. But what about browsing on a smart feature phone?

Screens of smart feature phones are non-touch. You navigate using…

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By Percy Huang, UX Designer at KaiOS

This year, we released a significant update to the KaiOS Internet browser app: We created more space for content to be displayed on screens of smart feature phones.

In this article, we’ll explain how we did this and the logic behind our design…

By Omega Feng, UX Designer at KaiOS

Browsing is different in smart feature phones. Since feature phones aren’t touchscreen, navigation happens via the D-pad, or direction pad.

Navigating via a D-pad comes with challenges that we try to anticipate and solve. But reality doesn’t always match our expectations.

Below, we…

By Aaron Sung, UX Designer at KaiOS

I have the habit of checking the weather forecast on my phone every morning. I’m not alone in this: millions of people all around the world do the same.

In the past, we got our forecasts from the TV and the radio; nowadays…

By Fay Wu, UX Designer at KaiOS

Keypads are essential for the operational use of smart feature phones, yet their role in enhancing the user experience is often overlooked. In this article, we’ll share examples of how assigning tasks to physical keys helps improve navigation and functionality on KaiOS-enabled devices.

By Aaron Sung, UX Designer at KaiOS

On a smartphone, we can search for information, stream media, connect with friends, and make purchases. However, not everyone can afford a smartphone. That’s how cheaper devices that allow people to connect to the internet — known as smart features phones — came…

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